Cadillac Lease Pompano Beach


What can you expect when you lease a Cadillac? In some ways, leasing a car is similar to buying one. You do research and compare models online, go into the dealership, and test drive the models you like to see which one really is right for you. Afterward, you decide on the color, trim, and add-ons you want for your car or SUV and talk about financing options. However, there are some differences between purchasing and leasing a car, and most of them happen at the close of the lease. When you are finished with your lease, you need to determine whether to buy your car outright, or trade it in and take out a a new lease. This choice is up to you, but many people enjoy trading their car in for a new model every three years. If you really love your car and decide to buy it at the end of your lease, you will need to contact us to receive a payoff quote and instructions to purchase your car.